Dream Paint

Dream Paint is a desktop tool to improve your productivity during presentation. It is a desktop painter and marker.

With Dream Paint, you can paint on the desktop and over other windows. It will help you to,

  • Do presentations and teaching sections
  • Quickly mark a drawing or scheme and send it to other people

Usage Help

Dream Paint is very easy to use. Upon start it minimizes to notification tray. You can double click the tray icon to show and hide Dream Paint.


Once Dream Paint is in the foreground, left click to use draw tool, right click to use mark tool.

When you select Cursor as the draw tool, you can operate your desktop.

When you right click on the desktop, a mark will be dropped at the point clicked, its size depends on the stroke size. Right click on the dropped mark again to remove the mark.

You can control everything by clicking within the control window and/or using your mouse wheel.

  • MouseWheel: change stoke size
  • MouseRightButtonDown + MouseWheel: change stroke color
  • Shift + MouseWheel: change draw tool
  • Ctrl + MouseWheel: change mark tool


Download from this link

Supported platform,

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

You need the latest version of  .Net Framework. If your Windows is up-to-date, you should be already good-to-go. You can also manually install .Net Framework from Microsoft.


You do not need to install Dream Paint. Unzip the downloaded archive and place the single executable anywhere you want to.  You can have a copy on your pen drive or mobile phone for quick access.

If you would like to run Dream Paint when computer boots up, place the executable in Start->All Programs->Startup

License in human-readable words

  • You are allowed to use Dream Paint for any purpose.
  • You are permitted to distribute Dream Paint by any means.
  • You are prohibited to modify Dream Paint in any manner.