Calls Recall

For Proofs and Sweet Memories

Calls Recall” is your reliable and non-disruptive call recorder for Android that records calls in the background without user attention.

You can later replay the recordings and share them via email, Bluetooth, WhatsApp, Dropbox or Google Drive.

You can record conversation of unlimited duration.

Minimalism is a major design goal and well-achieved.

There are 2 versions, a free version and a paid version.

  • Paid version has no advertisement and can keep up to 100 unsaved recordings.
  • Free version has advertisement and can keep only 10 unsaved recordings.
  • Free version limits the automatic upload with 1 contact only.
  • Everything else is the same.

If you use this app for business or have a lot of phone calls, I advise you to get the paid version.
If you don’t have that many calls and don’t mind the advertisement, you can do well with the free version. Keep in mind you have a greater chance of losing earlier recordings if you don’t save them timely.

You can choose to record from line or MIC. When recording from line (set from Settings, default is MIC), you will get premium quality and it is immune to environment noises. But not all phones support this feature. If you phone does not support this feature you will fail to record your calls, then please switch to record from MIC.

About recording quality, first of all, recording qualify depends completely on the phone and the line. If your phone has a weak microphone/speaker design or your operator’s line is noisy. Nothing any recorder can do.

Have a look on Google Play. Please click links below to go to Google Play Store.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or support.