Samsung’s KitKat Chaos

As many of you have found out and been troubled, Samsung’s KitKat 4.4.2 update to Note 3 and S4 is an irresponsible move.

Regarding to recordings behavior, with the same phone model, some report Calls Recall works, some report it works not, and to my joys some report Calls Recall is the only recorder that still works. And I tell you why, your Note 3 may be different than your wife’s Note 3, plus a problematic firmware, go figure.

But there are also people downrated Calls Recall and demanded me to fix this issue in a rude manner.

No, I will not and cannot fix Samsung’s issue. You pay Samsung a premium to get a phone, and 99.99% out there pay me zero, which is totally fine as long as you play it nice.

I just released 2.0.1 to improve your privacy. This feature was on the road map before Samsung’s KitKat chaos. This may workaround Samsung’s firmware bug (or may not). Check it out and tell me your result by commenting to this post.

Keep your recordings private

But don’t say I’m fixing this issue. It is a matter of principle. Thank you.

Keep your recordings private

I’m rolling out 2.0.1 while writing this post. Google Play users should get the update in a few hours; while again SamsungApps users need to wait for around 10 days.

This update is a response to users who have sent me email and consulted me with privacy issues.

The new privacy feature can limit the access to your recordings to Calls Recall only. Put it simply, without this new feature,  any tech-savvy person can plug your phone into his or her PC’s USB port and steal your recordings; with this feature, this is prevented. (If you have rooted your phone, either you are a security expert, or may God bless you.)

To use this new feature, check Settings->Keep Recordings Private

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