Calls Recall Promoted by Samsung

Samsung has kindly notified me that Calls Recall has been promoted for a while in Hong Kong Store. They even drew a nice image to explain in case I do not understand Chinese.

This means a lot to me because it gives hope to original app. It gives hope to solid engine and minimalistic user interface, which was the right thing to do during the old days.

Thanks a lot to Samsung’s customer support.

I have requested a temporary suspension of this promotion in order to update Calls Recall.

Calls Recall 2.1.0 will allow you to collapse saved recordings and unsaved recordings. It is a minor change to give you an easier user interface.

And I’m glad to know that I’ve beaten Qihoo 360 in the list. If you know me you may know how much I hate copycats and thieves.


On Note 3 Support

As many users have reported to me Calls Recall is the only recorder that supports Note 3. Actually I did nothing to support Note 3 specially. I just covered all possibilities and provide some choices in the settings. If you tweak the settings, more than 90% Note 3 can work well.

Good luck. For the other 10% please check other apps you installed on your phone. I reserve my opinion for some of them.


Review of Browser’s Pop-up Handling

Pop-ups are sometimes useful, but most times annoying. Here I review the popup handling behavior of most popular web browsers.

The browsers reviewed below are of their latest versions as of this writing.

  • Internet Explorer 11.0.9
  • Firefox 30.0
  • Chrome 35.0

Test conducted is in real-life situation. First a compromised website is found, then the compromised page is opened with the browsers to be tested.

The test page is linked below. A word of warning, although this test page will do you no harm, do not click the link unless you know how to kill your browsers.

Do not click this unless you what you are doing

This page will keep popping up sweet words to you. Let’s see how browsers handle this. Test pre-condition is all browsers are configured to allow pop-up.

Internet Explorer

IE will completely panic. It cannot tell the difference among pop-ups. The window is frozen and cannot be closed. Your only option is to kill it.



Chrome will detect suspicious behavior the second time this pop-up shows. Then you have an option to prevent it from popping up again. But the window is also frozen while pop-up is shown.



Firebox will also detect the suspicious behavior and offer you an option to prevent it the second time page pops up. Also the window is not frozen. You can close the window or the tab.



Firefox definitely stands out regarding to pop-up handling. The most important thing is the window does not freeze, so that you can close the tab directly. Although Chrome also provide an option to prevent the site from popping up again, sometimes this is not what you want, like when I was doing this research, and you need to search through settings to enable it again later. Do not use IE or IE-based browsers, period.

Won’t record after upgraded to Calls Recall Pro?

During the past 2 years I received 3 or 4 complaints (so few that it will not make into FAQ) that the Free version was working well, but after upgraded to Pro version it failed to record. Because no one did any real communication with me I have no idea how this could happen.

I still don’t understand this could happen now. And I guess this must be some error in the phone’s ROM.

Thanks to a user who has fixed it and kindly shared with me how, I share it here.

  1. Go to Settings->Apps
  2. Select Calls Recall Pro
  3. Clear cache (Do not clear data here!)
  4. Restart your phone

From this procedure I can tell this phone has gone wrong when trying to cache the applications. Such issues will need a manufacturer’s ROM update to fix.

I you encounter strange issues with other apps, you can try this procedure as well.

Samsung’s KitKat Chaos

[Update] Android 4.4.4 has been rolled out by Google. Let’s see whether Samsung has the dignity (for admitting their own issue) to fix it in their 4.4.4 update.

As many of you have found out and been troubled, Samsung’s KitKat 4.4.2 update to Note 3 and S4 is an irresponsible move.

Regarding to recordings behavior, with the same phone model, some report Calls Recall works, some report it works not, and to my joys some report Calls Recall is the only recorder that still works. And I tell you why, your Note 3 may be different than your wife’s Note 3, plus a problematic firmware, go figure.

But there are also people downrated Calls Recall and demanded me to fix this issue in a rude manner.

No, I will not and cannot fix Samsung’s issue. You pay Samsung a premium to get a phone, and 99.99% out there pay me zero, which is totally fine as long as you play it nice.

[Workaround] You can go to your phone’s settings, clear calls recall’s data and cache, reboot your phone, then enable “Record From Line” and “Keep Recordings Private” in the app setting screen. If this would not help, I am sorry you get a phone with defect and you can uninstall Calls Recall.

Keep your recordings private

I’m rolling out 2.0.1 while writing this post. Google Play users should get the update in a few hours; while again SamsungApps users need to wait for around 10 days.

This update is a response to users who have sent me email and consulted me with privacy issues.

The new privacy feature can limit the access to your recordings to Calls Recall only. Put it simply, without this new feature,  any tech-savvy person can plug your phone into his or her PC’s USB port and steal your recordings; with this feature, this is prevented. (If you have rooted your phone, either you are a security expert, or may God bless you.)

To use this new feature, check Settings->Keep Recordings Private

When recordings are kept private, you will not be able to retrieve it from PC. To transfer the recordings, you have 2 options,

  • Enable “Upload Saved Recordings” and connect to your cloud storage; first unsave a recording if already saved; save the recording and it will be uploaded to cloud.
  • Long press on the recording and choose “Share”. What you can do depends on your phone.